Can I eat Sattu at night?

Can I eat Sattu at night? -

Sattu has been an intrinsic part of Indian and in particular North Indian dishes for centuries now but there are still some questions that remain. Sattu is rich in sodium and fibres which makes it an excellent choice for your stomach. Families have long been eating Sattu parathas with a mint and coriander chutney and it is delicious. It keeps your stomach calm and does not overwork the stomach trying to break it down as it digests easily. At Goodify, Sattu is made of dry roasted ingredients which are then stone ground to preserve the mineral and nutrient contents. Sattu is suited for diabetics as its GI levels are very low and organic Sattu is the best friend to anyone struggling to maintain weight as it is high on protein and other essentials minerals like zinc, manganese and magnesium. Sattu is made of Bengal gram and is replete with insoluble fibre which make it very good for the intestines. Nutritionists and lifestyle gurus are increasingly aware of the qualities of this superfood and are endorsing organic Sattu which is refreshing to see as traditional Indian kitchen has always been equipped with the adaptable and convenient Sattu which can be made into a number of dishes like Laddoo, Parathas, Littis or can be simply mixed with water and consumed. Sattu is naturally gluten free and a great choice for vegetarians and gym goers as it can serve as a great post workout drink due to its richness in protein and it also happens to be a great cooling agent delivering your body loads of energy.

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