About Us


Hello there!

I am Sattu-the golden Supergrain, brought to you by THE SATTU Co. I’m selected chana roasted to perfection and then stone ground in the traditional way, so that you get every bit of taste and nutrition that I have to offer!

Thanks to the SATTU Co., you can enjoy my authentic taste in three dynamic avatars-

Sattu Gold Flour
Sattu Jeera Cooler
Litti Masala Mix

Along with me, multiple other ingredients have gone into making these goodies, which can easily be included in your daily diet. Start your morning with me by drinking a glass of the refreshing Jeera Cooler, which can be made in minutes and enjoyed on the go! I’m sure you will relish the taste of your Litti even more if it is made from our Litti Masala Mix, which contains choicest kitchen spices.

Also, did you know that I’m an excellent source of protein, fibre and essential vitamins and minerals? You can also add me to your regular flour to make your chapatis and parathas nourishing and wholesome!

I’m so glad that my founders Deepa, Sweta & Deepti believed in my inherent goodness. As mothers and homemakers, they wanted to go that extra mile to provide healthy food options to their family. And that’s when they thought about me- Sattu! For years, I have been utilized for my cooling and purifying properties. With minimal fat and calorie content, I ensure you and your family enjoy the benefits of good health for years to come.

The products offered by the SATTU Co. have me as the hero ingredient and are super convenient to use for preparing daily meals- no extra effort required!

So, try them now and give your loved ones the gift of good health.

Stay Healthy and Happy!


Deepa ,Sweta  and Deepti