1.What is stoneground Sattu?

Stoneground is the traditional method of grinding the sattu which keeps the nutrients intact. Two round stones are stacked on top of one another, and the top stone is rotated using a handle.  The stone grinding process is carried out in a gentle, tranquil manner while maintaining all essential Minerals, Vitamins, and other nutrients needed for healthy physiological function. The stone-ground method is preferable to machine milling in terms of taste, flavour, texture, aroma, and freshness while still maintaining nutrients.

2. What are the benefits of Sattu?

A super grain that is good for the entire family and is the ideal component of a well-rounded, nutrient-dense meal. Simple dish known as "sattu" is typically made with roasted gram. In contrast to the majority of urban breakfasts, which typically consist of just one or two types of carbohydrates and are deficient in other vital vitamins and minerals, Sattu is a high-energy, nutrient-dense food that contains few carbohydrates while being rich in proteins, calcium, vitamins, and fibre. It also aids in glucose regulation, is beneficial for digestion, is iron-rich, and is "gluten free." It also benefits the skin and hair.

3. Is Sattu good for women?

Sattu being a nutrient drink helps women during pregnancy & menstruation to regain lost nutrients & provides energy to stay healthy.Sattu also contains iron that makes skin glow, keeps it hydrated & forestalls harm to the skin cells. It also provides nutrients to hair follicles.

 4. Can Sattu be consumed with milk?

Yes, Sattu mixes well with milk and has a consistency similar to badam milk.

 5. What is the best time to have Sattu?

Sattu, which includes potassium and magnesium increases hunger. Drinking Sattu helps the body acquire the critical nutrients and minerals and can be consumed at any time of the day.

6. Can Sattu help in gaining weight?

Sattu’s nutritional value help improve the growth of muscle mass. Drinking Sattu keeps you full for a longer time, not allowing you to eat unhealthy foods. Sattu is packed with detoxifying properties which help in flushing toxins from the body.

7. Can Sattu drink be replaced by protein powder?

Yes, Sattu may be your go-to natural protein shake. It is a gut-friendly, filling superfood that is rich in protein. When dissolved in water and consumed with salt, jaggery, or sugar, it aids in replenishing the body.

8. Can I have Sattu in empty stomach?

Sattu enhances the digestive system when consumed on an empty stomach. It contains salt, iron, and fibre, which lessen stomach issues and enhance bowel movements. Sattu has cleansing qualities. It keeps you healthy and shields you from a number of illnesses if you eat it daily.

9. Is Sattu better than oats?

Oats vs. Sattu- A Comparison

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