We undertake to provide Product Information relating to products as available for sell and purchase on www.thesattuco.com (here in after referred to as or “WEBSITE”), which is developed and operated by Goodify Pvt. Ltd. (here in after referred to as or “Goodify”). 

We at “The Sattu Company” understand the importance of delivering your our finest.

Goodify owns an ecommerce website/platform through which it sells authentic roasted chana sattu and sattu based products and ready to cook instant mixes.

The Website/Platform enables users/customers to place order online. The product information provided on the Website/Platform shall have every detail of the product such as name of the product, list of ingredients, Nutritional Information, declaration regarding Vegetarian or Non- Vegetarian, Details of the manufacturer, Net quantity, Code no./Batch No., Date of manufacturing, Expiry date, Instruction to Use and any other details.