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Sattu: Healthy, Round the Clock and Delicious -

Sattu: Healthy, Round the Clock and Delicious

Sattu is a traditional food which finds a place in a variety of cultures. In Trinidad and Fiji, they call it Satwa; in Telangana and Odisha, Sattu Pindi and Chhatua respectively. Sattu is made of legumes like jowar, bajra, grams. They are roasted first in order to take the moisture out which increases its shelf life and then stone ground into a powder which is then stored and used over months. Almost synonymous with Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, this superfood is an important element in many cultures since it is the single most potent source of nutrients which ensures food...

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Let This Be Your Summer of Sattu -

Let This Be Your Summer of Sattu

Sattu has a special place in our lives any day of the year since it is a superfood which enriches our diets immensely and keeps diabetes, obesity, protein deficiency and the budget under control. The ability to afford nutritious food has mostly been in direct proportion to affluence and Sattu helps in bridging the gap. Governments regularly include Sattu as a tool to fight malnutrition and during lockdown, many charities who took up on themselves to distribute food to the poor and hungry included Sattu in their packages recognizing its unparalleled goodness, affordability and popularity in the masses. During summers,...

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The Rise and Rise of Sattu -

The Rise and Rise of Sattu

Sattu has always found a place on the common man’s plate. Our ancestors have always made use of the knowledge that Sattu, while a filling and easy to prepare, is also nutritious and it strengthened them and readied them for a hard day’s work. Chiefly associated with Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, Sattu always had admirers in Odisha, where a sherbet called chatua is made with beaten rice, oats etc and West Bengal with its jober chatu where it is cooked with milk or palm jaggery. Sattu has always been malleable, attaching itself to various food cultures and attracting variations based...

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Can I eat Sattu at night? -

Can I eat Sattu at night?

Sattu has been an intrinsic part of Indian and in particular North Indian dishes for centuries now but there are still some questions that remain. Sattu is rich in sodium and fibres which makes it an excellent choice for your stomach. Families have long been eating Sattu parathas with a mint and coriander chutney and it is delicious. It keeps your stomach calm and does not overwork the stomach trying to break it down as it digests easily. At Goodify, Sattu is made of dry roasted ingredients which are then stone ground to preserve the mineral and nutrient contents. Sattu...

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