Sattu: Healthy, Round the Clock and Delicious

Sattu: Healthy, Round the Clock and Delicious -

Sattu is a traditional food which finds a place in a variety of cultures. In Trinidad and Fiji, they call it Satwa; in Telangana and Odisha, Sattu Pindi and Chhatua respectively. Sattu is made of legumes like jowar, bajra, grams. They are roasted first in order to take the moisture out which increases its shelf life and then stone ground into a powder which is then stored and used over months. Almost synonymous with Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, this superfood is an important element in many cultures since it is the single most potent source of nutrients which ensures food and nutrient security in populations which carry out gruelling physical work. Sattu made of roasted Bengal grams is high in protein and minerals like iron, manganese and magnesium, potassium. The adaptability of Sattu is good for health as well as convenience because it can serve as your pre work out drink, your lunch option by way of parathas or you can have a hearty dinner of littis which will leave you full and also help you sleep better because how easy it is to digest Sattu which by its nature is organic. Sattu should be on the menu for every diabetic as the glycaemic index levels show that it is one of the best options for diabetics. Culinary world is slowly waking up to the deliciousness and the appeal of Sattu as well. In the words of acclaimed Delhi chef Manish Mehrotra, “I’m excited by Sattu.” In the 2021 iteration of Masterchef Australia, the contestant Kishwar Chowdhury served panta bhat in the finals. An old rustic dish made from cooked rice fermented in water and served with onions and chillies. This was a way of honouring her roots and her humble beginnings. A dish prepared in a simple manner which is a great source of energy and nutrition and very much like Sattu, delicious and effective Sattu

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