Let This Be Your Summer of Sattu

Let This Be Your Summer of Sattu - thesattuco.com

Sattu has a special place in our lives any day of the year since it is a superfood which enriches our diets immensely and keeps diabetes, obesity, protein deficiency and the budget under control. The ability to afford nutritious food has mostly been in direct proportion to affluence and Sattu helps in bridging the gap. Governments regularly include Sattu as a tool to fight malnutrition and during lockdown, many charities who took up on themselves to distribute food to the poor and hungry included Sattu in their packages recognizing its unparalleled goodness, affordability and popularity in the masses.

During summers, Sattu acquires and embodies a cultural force. I say this because if you are out and about in the sweltering heat of any town in the summer, you can find Sattu being sold on carts with people lining up for a glass of this golden goodness. Consuming Sattu in summers is almost ritualistic as it prevents heat strokes and the high iron, manganese, magnesium and low sodium content benefits you instantly. If you drink Sattu for breakfast daily, it helps you lose weight, prevents dehydration and keeps you cool all day long. Experts believe Sattu follows the three Ayurveda principles in as it keeps your gut healthy, your feet active and your brain cool. Gut health becomes all the more important in summers as people often struggle with constipation, indigestion and gas during summers and drinking Sattu shake and sherbet on an empty stomach keeps your gut healthy and finetuned. The cooling agent that is Sattu can make the cruel summers bearable for you by providing you the most complete nutritional package in a simple, non-fussy way. Imagine the harsh sun beating down mercilessly, the hot winds conjuring up all kinds of ghosts made of dust, the sky is spotless in its unrelenting crisp blue but you can always find some solace in the Sattu shake which cools you from within, energises you to face the rest of the day in the most delicious way. A pinch of crushed cumin seeds, lemon juice, mint leaves along with Sattu and you are set.

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