Can We Drink Sattu in Breakfast?

Can We Drink Sattu in Breakfast? -

Sattu made of roasted Bengal gram is one of the best breakfast options it is out there. It’s quick, convenient, can be made into a variety of dishes so that you do not get bored and to top it all, Sattu is good for health which suits nearly everyone even with some underlying health conditions like Diabetes. For starters, you can just mix it into a glass of water and add a tiny bit of salt and some spices like cumin and drink it up and voila! Breakfast done. It will take you hardly two minutes and it’s way healthier than that other two-minute recipe. If you have bit of time on your hands than you can make parathas out of it too. Organic Sattu and wheat gives you roughage, keeps you sprightly and controls flatulence so that you don’t feel bloated after your meal. Sattu is gluten free and contains minerals like zinc and magnesium which maintain your bone and muscle health and protein, lots of it, which keeps your skin and hair healthy. Sattu for diabetics is godsent because of the low GI (glycaemic index) levels it boasts of that keeps your blood sugar level under desired levels. Sattu also has a biological value of 74 which means that it is highly capable of digesting protein and using it for protein synthesis. Breakfast being the very first meal of the day is very important as it sets up your day and a bad breakfast has the potential to ruin the entire day whereas a simple, protein rich, cool and easy breakfast containing Sattu can give you the ability to see a bad day through. Sattu doesn’t demand much from you, but you certainly can from your breakfast.

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