Preserving the Stoneground Goodness!!

Preserving the Stoneground Goodness!! -
Roasted Bengal Gram also known as Chana Sattu is an age-old custom and a healthy choice that has recently  become vital part of our lives. Bengal gram is better preserved and retains more of its inherent nutritional content when it is dry-roasted. The dry roasted chana is then ground into flour by stone grinding. A different technique, known as "Jata” traditionally in many rural areas of India, was gradually adopted. It involves stacking two round stones on top of one another and turning the top stone with a handle. Jata, a traditional grinding stone that was once an integral element of every rural family, has been rendered obsolete by the electrification of villages. The stone grinding procedure preserves all vital Minerals, Vitamins, and other nutrients required for optimal body function without the use of adulterants and is carried out in a calm, gentle manner. In comparison to machine milling, the stone ground procedure not only preserves nutrients but also offers superior taste, flavour, texture, aroma, and freshness.

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